Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Resin Parts, Started Gluing Horseshoes, Skirt Work

More of Keith's resin parts arrived, this time the utility arms and under shoulder details.

I started gluing together the A&A layered shoulders (aka "horseshoes") with blue PVC cement. I haven't glued the top-most and bottom-most layers yet. I may leave the bottom-most layer (the shim layer) unglued to facilitate repainting in the future. Even though the PVC is white, I will probably apply some primer and white paint anyway, to help cover some of the laser marks and areas where the blue PVC cement stained the PVC. I also need to paint the inner circle area silver. Note that I flipped each layer upside-down for one of the shoulders, so that the buttons and hydraulics will be oriented the same for both left and right shoulders.

I finished up by applying some paintable white silicone to some rough areas of the skirt and smoothing it over with a razor blade. It looks messy now, hopefully when the whole thing is painted white, it will be okay. I'll know soon.

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