Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finished JB Welding Back Door

I finished JB Welding the last three panels of the back door today. I probably overdid it with the JB Weld, but the stuff is kind of messy and hard to work with in my opinion. Still, for the back door I wanted the parts JB Welded together. Other panels on the rest of the skins will either be siliconed in or taped in.

I also fixed a vent insert that got loose in the front vents, and cut out another coin return (haven't folded it yet, too tired tonight).


Calvin Thomas said...

Have you tried Gorilla glue, It worked great on my skins. Also are you going to keep the Aluminum showing in the cracks?
I had originally planed to keep it on mine, But I had a problem and had to change.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't realize you had posted.

I hear good things about Gorilla Glue, I really should check it out.

I am going to leave the aluminum showing in the seams, I like the look and how it highlights the panels, but it admittedly varies from the film droids.