Thursday, November 17, 2005

Primered Skirt Ribs & Other Detailed Work

This morning I put a coat of primer on the skirt ribs, and a second pass on the center leg. Got home, sanded down the primer with 400 grit sand paper, and did another round of primer. Finished marking up base plate of frame where routing needs to take place to make room for various details (power couplings, octagon ports, coin returns, pocket vents).

I ran a test of the Minwax wood hardener on a piece of scrap with Plastic Wood coated on one edge (similar to the legs) and it seemed to work, so I think I will try the wood hardener on the edges of the legs with Plastic Wood as well as the sides. I do want to make sure the wood hardener handles a coat of primer well first, though.

Let's see, what else? Well, I need to file the styrene on the skirt, as I did my first setting of the frame on the skirt, and it was evident that the top of the styrene was hitting the bottom of the frame too high in places. Who knows, I may even redo the styrene if I'm too unhappy with it, but let's see how the filing goes first.

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