Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finished Grooves, Marked Frame, Glued Center Cylinders

The title sounds like I was more productive than I actually was. I did manage to finally fix the grooves circumscribing the outer legs, and they are in good alignment all the way around now. Half-way done with the first side-of-the-leg cut here:

I am starting to revisit the frame that I haven't touched since, what, mid-July? I will need to route out certain areas to accommodate parts, such as the Large Data Port, Octagon Ports, Power Couplings, and Coin Returns (there will be a few other spots too). So I've started to mark the areas of the frame that will need routing.

Finally, I glued on the Tape-Ease cylinder area to the center leg (both sides). Because of a goof-up that I noticed a while ago, I will need some putty to finish the corner where the sloped area meets the leg.

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