Thursday, August 25, 2005

Started Drilling Shoulder Discs, Ordered More Resin Parts

I started drilling 1/4" wide holes for the shoulder discs. Four holes in each of the two shoulder discs, plus four holes in each of the two electrical backing plates, using my poor-man's drill press. Remember, I still need to round down the edge of each disc with a router (hopefully Saturday). The backing plate on the left disc below is a bit off-centered, but don't worry, the pipe connector on the other side is centered, and that's what matters most. I can always drill new holes in the backing plate to re-center, if need be.

I also ordered several resin parts - front and rear logic display surrounds for the dome from Azman, and from Keith the radar eye, a pair of ankle cylinders and wedges, and a pair of ankle details (

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