Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cut Legs Out

Another very long day. I cut out my uber-leg-template. Too bad I accidentally destroyed it with the router. Actually, it wasn't too bad, but it was rendered unusable. All was not lost, however, as I was able to use that template to create a new one and work around the damaged part, so things turned out okay.

Cut out the legs based on these templates. Note that the small part sitting on top of each leg has not yet been routed, plus I still haven't done the 1/4" inch section that goes under all the layers, and some areas will be trimmed near the bottom:

And here's just part of the mess I made:


John Galley said...

Hi Victor,

Did you cut the top of the leg template (the curved section) with a router or a jigsaw?


Victor Franco said...


I used a router on a circle-cutter jig to do the 4" radius at the top of the leg template.

Here's a link to a picture of an early template that I didn't end up using:

There is a nail that acts as a pivot point on the underside of the jig that is dead-center in the middle of the circle that makes up the outer radius of the top of the leg. The router and jig pivot on that nail. Here is a link to the result, you can barely see the hole that the nail made in the middle of the semicircle:

Let me know if you have any other questions,