Thursday, April 21, 2005

Terms & Acronyms Doc

Created a Terms and Acronyms file so I can keep track of terms like "Rockler Bearing," "R&J Dome," etc.


Anonymous said...

uh.. Terms and Acronyms doc? Could you post that? Im kinda new and have been looking for such a thing.

hforbess AT Gmail Dot Com

Victor Franco said...

Hi Harry,

I just e-mailed the document to you. If anyone else wants it, just post a comment here and I should be notified by e-mail (as of this writing, 5/10/06 at least, who knows what will change in the years ahead?).

It's a funny thing, being in the R2 Builder's Club. After a few months, you start to learn all these terms and stop writing them down(!). So my list kind of fizzled out after a while, but let me know if there are some terms that are still unfamiliar.

Good luck,
Victor Franco

Anonymous said...

could I also get the Terms and Acronyms doc? It's been almost 4 years since this posting but I would like to build my (first) R2 unit.

Victor Franco said...


Unfortunately, I stopped updating the document shortly after starting it, so it has very few entries. The good news is, once someone has been a member of the club for a few months, all the terms and acronyms become part of their vocabulary.

Chris said...

You should check out the Droid Wiki @

There's a parts terminology page that may help.

Brian said...

Hi Victor- I'm a new member of the R2 Builders Club and I found your blog online. I've been using your blog as a how to get started guild. I was hoping you could e-mail me the Terms & Acronyms Doc. I'm sure with time it will become a second language but for right now I need help.

Thank you


Victor Franco said...

I didn't keep the document updated for very long, as I found that I learned the terminology very quickly. Here are the document's contents.


R2 terms and acronyms:

In no particular order:

JAG: Jerry A. Green,,

J&B Weld: Two-tube cold weld you can buy at Home Depot:
R&J Dome: Ron and Jason Superdomes  Double-layer domes with laser cuts for punching out holes
Rockler Bearing: Probably this thing:

FET: Field Effect Transistor (see and others on the web)

Satellite Motor: A motor to control satellite dish orientation, sometimes used for R2's shoulder hubs for 2-3-2 operation.

Saturn Motor: Motor for Saturn windshield wipers, commonly used for powering R2's locomotion and dome movement.

PCB1: a four motor speed controller...that can be controlled by RC
PCB2: PCB2 allows PCB1 and other speed controllers to be controlled by a laptop; also provides i/o and software for pc allowing a customizable interactive r2.
T&J Frame: Tom (Van Voorhis) and Jerry (Greene) frame, aluminum frame for R2.
A&A Frame: Andy (Schwartz) and Alex (Kung) PVC Frame. Another frame for R2.

PIC Flasher: Programmable Integrated Circuit flasher kit for blinking LEDs in R2's head.