Friday, June 12, 2009

Elementary School Visit

Today R2 visited Circle View Elementary School in Huntington Beach, CA.

By shear coincidence, my mom has been subbing this year as a teacher's aide at Circle View, which is the school I attended for seventh and eighth grade. Word got out that I had built R2-D2, so not one, but two assemblies were held for the kids to learn all about R2-D2, both the droid in the movies and the one that I built.

I'd say about 200 students were at each assembly. The first assembly started at 8:15am and was conducted for the grade 1-3 kids, and the second one started around 9:15am for grades 4-5.

The kids waited patiently for the guest of honor to take the stage.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I had R2 drive out onto the stage by himself as the kids cheered enthusiastically, all set to the blaring Star Wars fanfare music. Yes, I was careful to avoid having R2 drive right off the stage.

After a few moments, I came out on stage and started the presentation.

At various points, I asked for volunteers to help demonstrate some of R2's sounds.

"R2, what do you think of homework?" YEEOOWW!! The kids erupted in laughter.

As an added bonus, my nephews Ari and Gabe were out from North Carolina to visit this week, so they got to go on stage and show off R2's mist/fire extinguisher.

There was a Question and Answer period, and there was certainly no shortage of questions! They were good ones too, like, "What was the hardest part about building R2?" (The foot shells and drivetrains!)

After the presentation was done, individual kids and entire classes got to take pictures with R2.

And one last shot with my folks and the nephews.

It was great revisiting my old school that I hadn't seen in almost 30 years (yikes), and everyone had a great time.

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