Sunday, June 30, 2013

Discovery Science Center Visit 2013 - Day 2

Today was the second day of our two-day visit to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA.

We swapped out Mike and swapped in William and Paul to join me, Maddy and Rico today, and Guy also dropped by. I handled the 1:00pm presentation, and Paul handled the 3:00pm presentation. Some pictures.

The also had a neat Leonardo DaVinci exhibit going on.

Finally 5:00pm rolled around, and the moment we'd all been waiting for.

It was another good visit to DSC, and I'm sure we'll be back before too long.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Discovery Science Center Visit 2013 - Day 1

Today the R2 Builders showed off our droids at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. This was the first day of our two-day visit.

In the early going, I was joined by Rico and Maddy and their droids.

We gave a couple of presentations at 1:00pm and 3:00pm to a modest, but enthusiastic and interested crowd. I gave the main part of the first presentation.

Rico and Maddy handled the Q&A.

A little while later, Mike Senna joined us with WALL•E. WALL•E wasn't even off the cart before the kids started to gather.

We did another presentation similar to the first, but this time Mike and WALL•E joined us and our droids on the stage.

The guests enjoyed talking to us and seeing our droids. We'll do it again tomorrow!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

R2 Bowls Again to Fight Child Abuse

For the fourth year, R2 joined members of the 501st to help raise funds to prevent child abuse for International Child Abuse Network's annual fundraiser at Canoga Bowl.

ICAN promotes the fact that the Star Wars characters will be in attendance, but the fundraising is mainly done through selling raffle tickets and auctioning donated gift baskets. Typically, thousands of dollars are raised.

The characters were introduced around 12:30pm to those in attendance. R2 was held back from the initial lineup as a surprise.

The characters posed for pictures with guests for the first hour or so.

Inevitably, the characters end up bowling. R2 set a personal best for a single roll, 9 pins! (Although he did foul pretty badly.) Still looking for that strike.

(Oh, and this year I remembered to properly strap R2 down in the Droidmobile, so he didn't do any backflips on the way home.)

Another good day for a good cause.

The full photoset is here.