Thursday, January 24, 2019

NAMM Convention - 2019

Tonight R2 joined a few other characters to help Comicon International and Roland Corporation announce their partnership at the National Association of Music Merchants convention at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The characters met up with the Comicon staff at the nearby Sheraton hotel, so that they could change into costume. In the meantime, R2 hung out on his cart in the lobby with me and the Comicon staff. (I uncovered him for a pic.)

Once the characters were ready, we made the relatively short walk from the hotel to the convention center. We were an eclectic group (which was the point). I should have recorded this in super slow-motion.

When we arrived at the convention center, we hung out in a "secret room" (which looked remarkably like a storage room) while we awaited our appointed time to appear at the Roland booth for the announcement there. Once they were ready for us, we lined up outside the booth for our surprise appearance. They weren't letting the general public in, this was invite-only.

While we waited, this was all I got to see of the convention. Some 120,000 people will attend this weekend.

I also took a peek into the Roland booth, it was pretty huge.

And finally, in we went as the announcement was made. We lined up in front of the stage. Poor R2 is so short, I don't know if anyone behind the front row saw much of him.

The event was well attended with media and other invitees.

Afterward, we did photo-ops with folks that were in attendance.

And that was a wrap! We walked back to the hotel, and I loaded R2 on up into the Droidmobile and headed home. This was R2's first outing with his new gas pipes, and I'm happy to say they performed just fine.

It's always good working with the folks from Comicon, and I'll be seeing their staff at Wondercon in a couple months.