Monday, January 23, 2017

Charter School & Hospital Visit

The started off with rain and hail, but that cleared up just before I hit the road to head to downtown Los Angeles to take R2 for a visit to Dignity Health Charter School and Hospital.

R2 was joined by members of the Rebel Legion and 501st to help spread kindness and cheer, starting with a school assembly. We lined up for our surprise entrance.

The kids screamed with delight as the characters entered the room, and the doctors proceeded to discuss examples of how to spread kindness with the kids.

Next, we headed over to the adjacent hospital to visit some of the patients. While I didn't get pictures with patients, the staff certainly took an opportunity to get pictures with some of the characters.

Toward the end of the visit, R2 encountered the campus' security droid. It looked like some modern mash-up of an R2 unit and a Dalek. I think they got along ok.

Everyone enjoyed the visit and appreciated our presence.