Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clone Wars Hollywood Premiere

Today R2 and I had the unique opportunity of working the red carpet at the US premiere of The Clone Wars at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

We were not allowed to take many photos during the event, due to the presence of professional photographers. I was able to get some pictures before and after the event, and even a few during the event through alternate means.

R2 strolled along the red carpet shortly before the celebrities arrived. Just after this picture was taken, he was swarmed by photographers. The sounds of the shutters clicking away was reminiscent of a presidential press conference, so hopefully there will be some good photos on the Internet in the next day or two.

After his stroll on the red carpet, R2 stationed himself at one of the photo-op areas, where he had a constant stream of celebs and non-celebs alike lining up to take pictures. Since I wasn't allowed to take pictures at this point in time, I don't have much to show. The event staff was very friendly to everyone as they took the pictures, and they were a big help to me too.

Many Clone Troopers from the local 501st were present at this closed event, and of course, Mike Senna attended with me as well.

Did George Lucas show up?? He sure did! He took one picture with my R2. I wasn't able to get in the picture (well, I guess my head is in the upper-right-hand corner) or have him sign my back panel, but I suppose that gives me something to look forward to in the future.

Director Dave Filoni was an incredibly nice and friendly guy. He took the time to chat with me for several minutes, expressing how much he admires the R2 Builders Club and 501st for all the volunteer work they do. He mentioned new droid colors that we'll be seeing in the TV show (earth-tones for Shakti, for example).

Dave even signed my Clone Wars R2 figure that I picked up at the Toys-R-Us midnight madness event that I did recently. He added a figure of a clone helmet above his signature.

At the end of the day, R2 was interviewed several times for TV. I have no idea if and when these will ever make the air, but it was all in good fun.

It was a really nice time, and I feel very fortunate that I had this opportunity.

The full photoset is here.

Edit: As I come across pics and video on the Internet, I'll post URLs here. Some may become stale quickly. (no R2 on that page, just celebs) (featuring Senna)

Also on via Reuters: (click on picture for larger view)

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